Month: January 2024

Activities in Bali, Activities in Sanur

What Are The Best Beach Clubs In Sanur, 2024 Guide

Sanur is a beautiful and idyllic seaside town with endless stretches of soft golden sandy beaches, waving coconut trees, and calm clear waters… and where there are lovely beaches, there are bound to be a trendy beach club Sanur and other inviting oceanfront venues to enjoy!

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Balinese Culture

Day of Silence: Experience Nyepi in Bali with Kembali Lagi

Nyepi in Bali is a unique annual cultural event that is as fascinating as it is profound. This ancient tradition takes place only once a year on the island, with nothing else quite like it anywhere else in the world when the whole island retreats into 24 hours of absolute silence. It is something that […]

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