Month: March 2020

Around Sanur, Restaurant in Sanur

Top Breakfast Restaurants in Sanur 2020

Sanur is a family-friendly little coastal town perfect if you are up for a relaxed Bali holiday. The town is filled with choices of restaurants presenting an endless affordable menu serving both Western and traditional Indonesian cuisine. It’s also one of the best places to spot the Bali sunrise. Speaking of mornings, a good breakfast […]

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Accommodation in Sanur, Guest House

Why You Should Choose a Guesthouse Rather Than a Hotel in Sanur

Whether you are used to traveling for business or holiday, choosing a place to stay is probably the most important part of your visit. It’s recently been proven that people’s preferences for choice of stay shifted from hotels to guesthouses, searching for a more homely and comfortable experience. Hotels may convince that they offer unique […]

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Balinese Culture

Experience Nyepi in Bali at Kembali Lagi

While cultures around the world celebrate their New Year with large spontaneous celebrations, the Balinese celebrate their New Year as a 6-day event with its peak dedicated to complete silence – NYEPI. The 3rd day brings the island into a complete standstill, where even the airport is closed with no scheduled outgoing or incoming flights. […]

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Activities in Bali, Activities in Sanur, Around Sanur

Best Activities in Sanur (Bali, Indonesia) 2020

Far away from the party hubs of Kuta and Seminyak, Sanur offers a quieter slice of the island. Ideal for families wishing to find a more peaceful and serene side of Bali with child-friendly beaches. Surfing beaches aren’t available here, so if you’re only looking for some waves, you’d better look for another place. Though […]

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