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Day of Silence: Experience Nyepi in Bali with Kembali Lagi

Nyepi in Bali is a unique annual cultural event that is as fascinating as it is profound. This ancient tradition takes place only once a year on the island, with nothing else quite like it anywhere else in the world when the whole island retreats into 24 hours of absolute silence. It is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetimes.

Day of Silence Experience Nyepi in Bali with Kembali Lagi

In the week leading up to Nyepi Day Of Silence, a flurry of ceremonies will take place in temples, the beach, rivers, and public spaces. Everyone can observe these stunning processions with the Balinese all in white and covered in fragrant incense smoke, and see the beautiful offerings put on display. Don’t forget to attend the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade; it’s nothing short of spectacular!


What Is Nyepi Day In Bali?

What Is Nyepi Day In Bali

The most sacred and important Hindu holiday in Bali, Nyepi is also known as the Balinese Day of Silence. It marks the start of the Saka New Year with 24 hours of absolute peace – everyone is prohibited from going outdoors with the exception of the Pecalang, the traditional Balinese patrol. There won’t be any noise, traffic or activity anywhere, neither on land, air or sea. In fact, all entry and exit ports to and from the island will be sealed, with not even an aircraft allowed to fly over Bali on this day.

The week leading up to Nyepi in Bali is a buzz of activity as everyone prepares to retreat from regular programming for 24 wonderful hours. The Balinese will be conducting a string of religious ceremonies which includes a grand purification ceremony called Melasti ­. This is your chance to witness the Balinese in their ceremonial white carrying beautiful sacred objects and offerings, heirlooms, statues of deities, and ceremonial flags and umbrellas, in colorful processions towards the water.

The week of ceremonies culminates with the much-awaited Ogoh-Ogoh, a huge monster doll parade, also known as Ngurupuk, which takes place the night before Nyepi. This is a beloved tradition awaited by all, with every neighborhood hosting its grand parade featuring a convoy of impressive, handcrafted giant paper effigies. Bearing the faces and shapes of demons, these effigies are paraded along the main streets accompanied by gamelan music, their purpose to chase out evil spirits and energies from the past year. It’s a popular neighborhood affair, with people of all ages coming together to enjoy the show.


When Is Nyepi?

Nyepi in Bali will fall on March 11th, 2024 from 6:00 am until 6:00 am on March 12th, 2024. Remember that you cannot step outside on Nyepi, with no exceptions unless it is a matter of life or death. No one except for the Pecalang is allowed outside. You can enjoy the view of the empty streets and the quiet beach from the comfort of your homes, hotels, or villas.


What Can Tourists Do On Nyepi Day In Bali?

What Can Tourists Do On Nyepi Day In Bali

Nyepi in Bali is a fantastic opportunity to relax and reset. As Nyepi is an island-wide event, there won’t be any expectations to go out and rush about, you can just pause and enjoy the wonderfulness of doing nothing.

Thanks to the inky darkness and the absence of pollution, nighttime on Nyepi Day Of Silence is the best time to stargaze. Sit back and take in the Milky Way in all its glory.

Indoor activities can go on as usual. While lights are allowed indoors, windows and glass doors must be covered at all times and noise kept to a minimum. The Balinese believe that on this day, by keeping the island dark and quiet, evil spirits will bypass Bali, as it will appear as if nothing and no one is living on the island.

Contrary to popular belief, there will be internet service on Nyepi Day, especially if you’re experiencing Nyepi in Sanur with Kembali Lagi Guest House & Villas, so you’ll still be connected at all times. Remote workers and digital nomads can continue logging on as usual.

Can tourists go to the beach on Nyepi Day? No one is allowed outside their accommodations on Nyepi Day, they can’t go anywhere, including the beach.  


Do’s & Don’ts For Nyepi Day In Bali

Do’s & Don’ts For Nyepi Day In Bali

Do: Prepare in advance – purchase all your supplies before the shops close. Major supermarkets will close at 5 pm but convenience stores will stay open well into the night.

Do: Prepare some cash just in case – ATMs will stop working in the morning on the day before Nyepi.

Do: Respect the Balinese people and their culture. There’ll be lots of ceremonies leading up to Nyepi Day of Silence which may lead to road closures. Be patient and follow instructions.

Don’t: Go outside your compound on Nyepi Day or face serious consequences including fines and deportation.

Don’t: Play loud music, make loud noises, or be rowdy on Nyepi Day.

Don’t: Let any light seep out through your doors and windows at night. It is disrespectful and you may receive a warning or something far more serious from the Pecalang if you do.


Nyepi In Sanur

Nyepi In Sanur

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