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Beyond the Beach: Exploring Padel Courts in Sanur

How about a game of padel in Sanur the next time you’re in town? This fast-paced racket game is quickly becoming the sport of choice amongst international visitors, locals and expats here on the island. Padel is fun, exhilarating and challenging in every way, pushing players to the best of their skills and abilities while they socialize and enjoy teamwork on the court. For those asking – what is padel? It’s a court game that’s very similar to tennis and squash; in fact, it’s a unique mixture of both, but with distinct differences that make padel unique on its own. Let’s take a closer look at Padel in Sanur and why it’s becoming so popular so fast.


Beyond the Beach Exploring Padel Courts in Sanur

Why Is Padel in Bali Becoming So Popular?


Padel may have been first introduced in the 1960s by Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera but it is only in recent years that Bali is enjoying a padel boom. It garnered a huge following across the island with padel courts now present in all major tourist neighborhoods from Sanur to Seminyak, Jimbaran, Ubud and Canggu. These courts are professionally designed and are nothing short of world-class, with lots of group classes, activities and lessons on offer.

So you might be wondering, why is Padel so popular? According to experts and those who have tried it, it is easy, simple and fun. It only takes minutes to learn and is very beginner-friendly. The sport also has a strong social aspect to it, which adds to the fun. Here are some reasons why Padel is becoming so popular.

It is fun: Padel is very fast-paced and engaging, with strategic elements involved. You’ll play in pairs and act as a team, which adds to the social element. Whether you’re playing, watching, or learning, padel is fun for all involved.

It relieves stress: Playing padel requires focus and concentration and this is a great way to get your mind off your troubles. Exercise is also a really good way for the body to release tension and stress. Once you’re on the padel court, you can leave the world behind.

It’s a great workout: Anyone can play padel, whether you’re 10 or 50. It can help to improve coordination and reflexes and tone the muscles while strengthening cardiovascular activity.

Bring people together: Not only can you play padel with your friends and family, you can also meet new people and make new friends. Padel courts organize open play sessions where players of all levels can mix and match. Tournaments, social events and gatherings are also great opportunities to meet new people over Padel.


What Is The Difference Between Padel And Tennis?


What Is The Difference Between Padel And Tennis


The first thing you’ll notice about Padel is its racket – this is one of the main differences between tennis and Padel. Padel rackets are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber while regular tennis rackets have a slightly larger head with strings. Padel balls and tennis balls are made with the same materials and look the same externally, with the main difference being the internal pressure of the balls. The padel court is smaller than a tennis court, approximately one-third of the size or 25% smaller. Unlike tennis courts, it is enclosed by walls and a wire mesh fence with a net in the center. Padel courts are also surrounded by glass or walls, which you can use to bounce your padel ball off.

When it comes to the game rules, both Padel and tennis have their separate strategy and end-game or goal, but they do share the same scoring system.


Padel Courts In Sanur


Padel Courts In Sanur


Padel in Sanur is relatively new with courts that are well maintained so they’re in good shape. They meet the international standard for padel playing in terms of dimensions and materials used for equipment and the turf. Lessons are conducted by qualified coaches who are all highly trained and certified. While at a padel court, you’ll have access to facilities like lockers, restrooms, and a seating area. Some padel courts in Sanur might even have a refreshment area for you to order drinks and light bites.

Selected courts would organize matches, tournaments, and padel leagues, and might even offer their space for corporate workshops and team building. You can always speak to the staff at the padel courts of your choice or peruse their websites to learn more.

A popular padel court in Sanur is Sanur Padel, located along Jl. Danau Poso. It offers three outdoor courts, each boasting a unique tropical ambiance. You can join group lessons or sign up for private lessons with professional coaches, there are also lessons for children. If you’d like to meet new people, sign up for Social Games.

Another popular padel court in Sanur is the Liga Tennis Sports Club, located along Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai. It offers two padel courts as well as two sports studios, a gym, a sauna and a pool. In addition to playing with friends, you can also hire a Hitting Partner or a Private Coach.

The cost to play Padel in Sanur would vary depending on your chosen Padel court but expect to fork out between IDR 100,000 to IDR 300,000 for a one-hour court rental. The price may or may not include the rent of a padel racket and ball and access to court facilities like lounge areas, lockers and showers.


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