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Stay at Kembali Lagi For Long-term Stay and Accommodation in Sanur

Bali is the perfect getaway for longterm stay due to its endless natural beauty and warm tropical weather all year round. If you’ve been dreaming of making Bali your home paradise, then the first thing you should think about is where on this island paradise to stay? Close to the beach or the rice fields? In a villa or guesthouse? Reclusive or with neighbors?

You might be overwhelmed by the options. Through this article, we’ll help you find the perfect long-term accommodation to stay in the coastal town of Sanur.

Villa Indah Lagi

Stay in Sanur

Bali offers endless choices for long-term living, regardless of how small the island may seem. If you’re looking for a place far from the noisy and busy Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, Sanur is a laid back and relaxing coastal town that might interest you. It’s a great place for unwinding with the numerous choices of restaurants, cafes, and shops that are within easy walking distance.

The famous Sanur beach is the place for complete serenity with some of the best sunrise views on the island. The atmosphere and surroundings are the perfect places for families and young couples seeking to live in the beautiful nature of Bali.


Finding a long-term villa in Sanur

Finding long-term accommodation out of all the available options in Sanur is never going to be an easy task. It all comes down to what comes to mind when you picture the perfect stay in Sanur. The number of needed rooms, the facilities you need or perhaps the distance to the beach, restaurants and shops. The best way to get the feel of a new location is by staying there for a few weeks. You’ll get a chance to experience the area and to visit the surrounding restaurants and shops before you decide to stay long-term.

Looking for an affordable yet luxurious villa in Sanur? Kembali Lagi offers three villas perfect as long-term accommodation in Sanur! Every one of them comes with a private pool, designer interior, and a modern kitchen. Book now and make Bali your home!