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The Story of The Kecak Fire Dance

The famous Kecak Dance Performance, also known as the Bali Fire Dance, has been performed since the 1930’s and can be seen in places like Uluwatu, located on the southern tip of the island. This can be a great activity after watching sunset from the top of the cliff. Would you like to know more about the Kecak, and find out more about the unique dance performance? Then read this article to find out.

Kecak Dance

The Kecak dance is performed by a lot of dancers.  Over 50 or more male dancers for the vocal group and the leading dancers. They play significant roles, and perform countless dance routines. Its no doubt that the Kecak dance contains more dancers on stage than any other dance performance in Bali.

The performance starts before 6pm when the blue sky is still visible. A group of male performers in neat black and white checkered garments come onto the stage singing, ‘’cak..cak..cakcakcakcak…’’ before sitting crossed legged and forming a circle. Some of the noises they make are similar to a group of monkeys, which is a sound they claim is a way to scare off enemies.

The dance portrays one of Asia’s most famous epics, the Ramayana; which is about Rama, the king of Ayodya who has been exiled from his own kingdom due to an internal conflict. His loyal wife, Sita, and his brother, Laksmana, insist on following him to the forest. The story begins to move when Rama encounters dangers in the woods, including the kidnapping of his wife and the battle between the kings.

The story is originally from India, though has spread to every part of Asia, particularly South East Asia, through Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Since the Hindu teachings came to the island in around 100 BC, Ramayana has had a significant impact on Bali as the story became part of cultural life and religious and moral teachings.

Besides watching Kecak in Uluwatu, you can watch it held on many corners of the island such as in GWK natural park, Batubulan and Ubud. Come and stay in Kembali Lagi Guest House and we’ll make a trip for you to watch this spectacular dance performance!