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Try these traditional Balinese foods in Sanur

Bali is known worldwide for its rich culture and heritage. That much is visible as soon as you step off the airplane or boat upon your arrival in Bali. But don’t forget that Bali’s culture is not only to be visually appreciated but also to taste! There are numerous traditional Balinese foods that you must try during your visit to the island of the Gods. 

In this article, we’ll be going over the famous Balinese foods that you should consider tasting during your stay in Sanur


Warung Mak Beng

This family-run restaurant has been a staple to anyone visiting Sanur since its inception in the early 40s. Mak Beng is known for its outstanding fish-based menu, which they have maintained for many years. Their fish soup, in particular, draws many travelers and culinary aficionados to get a taste of this aromatic local dish. 


Traditional Balinese Food | Warung Mak Beng Sanur


Warung Adi

If seafood isn’t what you’re looking for, perhaps you could give Warung Adi a try. This little restaurant is known for its Nasi Ayam Komplit, a traditional Balinese dish that consists of shredded chicken, grilled pork satay, boiled eggs with chili seasonings, sweet peanuts and crispy chicken skin. To top it all off, the chili sauce at Warung Adi is known to be thicker than in most places, which adds more spice and flavor to the already delicious meal. 

The restaurant itself is simple, with neatly lined tables and photos lining the walls. Both locals and foreigners frequent Warung Adi due to its hospitality and affordable meals, which is why it makes it onto our list for traditional Balinese foods! Did we also mention that the Indonesian President Jokowi himself has dined here? 


Men Weti

Last but certainly not least, is the legendary Nasi Campur Men Weti. Established over 40 years ago, Men Weti serves one of the most authentic Balinese Nasi Campur – arguably on the island. When even the locals revere the food, that’s definitely a good sign. Located in Segara Ayu along Sanur Beach, Men Weti makes the perfect breakfast option after viewing the magical sunrise in Sanur. 

What do you think of the restaurants serving traditional Balinese foods that we listed in this article, have you tried them yourself? These notable restaurants have held their reputation for being a staple in Sanur for many years. Make sure to list them in your itinerary for when you visit Sanur Beach!

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