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Must-try water sports and activities in Sanur

Being a tropical island, your visit to Bali wouldn’t be complete without spending some time out in the water. And what better way to do that than by trying the various water sports and activities in Sanur? 

Located on the eastern coast of Bali, Sanur is known for its calm waters and relaxing ambiance. However, that doesn’t mean it’s void of any water sports! In this article, we’ll be highlighting some water-based sports and activities that you can enjoy during your stay with Kembali Lagi in Sanur. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to get out there and get in the water!


Water sports in Sanur

Just like any beachfront community in Bali, Sanur has plenty of water sports to offer for its visitors. Think: kite surfing, banana boats, and canoeing, stand up paddle just to name a few. Also, since Sanur is protected by reefs, you have the option to paddle out and swim in the water safely with your family. 


Sanur water sports | Kite Surfing Sanur


Sanur Seawalker

As the name suggests, the Seawalker is a recreational activity that takes you on an underwater marine walk. Also known as the underwater ocean walker, this activity offers participants the chance to submerge themselves on the seafloor and observe marine life directly without having any prior diving experiences. All you need are swimming clothes and you’ll be wearing special equipment that will allow you to breathe underwater as you take a stroll along the seabed. The typical sea walker session lasts for about 30 minutes, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled and make every moment count!

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Are you ready to embrace true balance while soaking in the Sanur sunrise? Try your hand at Yoga on a stand up paddle board. Small classes, usually held right at sunrise can be taken right off the beach in Sanur.


For those feeling more adventurous, perhaps snorkeling will be more suitable for you. Though maybe not as vibrant as the more popular snorkeling locations in Bali, Sanur still has plenty of corals and marine life to see. These include the Parrot Fish, Puffer Fish, Bat Fish, Sergeant Majors, and the famous Clown Fish. The water conditions themselves are relatively calm, though be aware of currents depending on where you swim. 

What did you think of the water activities we listed in this article? Hopefully, these will inspire you to get out in the water! Make sure to list them in your itinerary during your visit to Sanur!

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