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Why You Should Choose a Guesthouse Rather Than a Hotel in Sanur

Whether you are used to traveling for business or holiday, choosing a place to stay is probably the most important part of your visit. It’s recently been proven that people’s preferences for choice of stay shifted from hotels to guesthouses, searching for a more homely and comfortable experience.

Experience guest houseHotels may convince that they offer unique services and facilities that stand out above the rest. But in reality, one hotel from another can feel exactly the same with similar experiences. Businessmen and tourists nowadays are searching for something different and their answer might just be to stay in guesthouses.


Feels like home

Home Feeling of Guest HouseThe one thing that differentiates hotels and guesthouses is the overall atmosphere. As the name suggests, guesthouses are houses that are offered for guests, you’ll definitely feel more at home in these compared to a hotel room. A hotel’s atmosphere is usually unfamiliar and even intimidating. While guesthouses feel more welcome and get you right at home.


All the space you need

Spacious Guest HouseJust imagine if you’re traveling with a group of friends or a large family. If you stay in a hotel, then you’ll likely be connected by interconnecting rooms or suites. In a guesthouse, the whole house is for everyone! You won’t need to spend your night sharing beds with your kids or on those unbearable sofas that will give you back pains in the morning. Guesthouses often also benefit from having an outdoor space in case your children are still in a playful mood after a trip.


Saves you money

The guesthouse will make a difference to your budget as it tends to be cheaper than hotels, especially for longer stays. And if you don’t feel like eating outside, the kitchen is always available to you. Staying in a guesthouse means spending less on accommodation and focussing more on what you want to do.


Times are changing for travelers and these are some of the reasons why you should choose a guesthouse over a hotel.

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