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Benefits of Booking a Guest House in Sanur Direct

As a prospective guest, we usually look for accommodation that offers the best deals and benefits for our stay. We compare prices, location, facilities and other benefits during the decision process before we finally book a stay. However, did you know that you can get guaranteed benefits when you book a guest house in Sanur directly?

Here are just some of the benefits you can get when booking direct with Kembali Lagi Guest House and Villas.


Best Price Guaranteed

Booking with us directly allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing available. We also offer special loyalty discounts for guests who have stayed with us in the past.


No Hidden Costs 

Our prices include everything from taxes to booking fees. There are no surprises on what your stay will cost you.


More flexible Cancellation Policies

Unexpected things are bound to happen from time to time. These unforeseen events may cause you to have to reschedule or cancel your booking. When you book through OTA’s it is unlikely you’ll get full reimbursement for your cancellations due to their strict policies. Our cancellation policy is very generous and allows us to assist you in rebooking your stay without any OTA fees.


Book on the same day

Need a room on the same day? No problem, our friendly team of Villa managers and staff are ready to assist you.


Priority Service

When you book direct, we offer priority upgrades, priority late check-outs and priority early check ins. Working with us direct allows us to ensure a magical, personalized stay in Sanur.


Personalized Service

Lastly, when you book direct we are able to assist you in ensuring that your stay is personalized just the way you need it. Traveling with small kids? We can set up a pool fence, arrange for high chairs and provide you with child friendly activities in Sanur. Traveling as a couple? Let us arrange a romantic couples massage in your villa, a jewelry making class or a diving trip for the more adventurous!


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Kembali Lagi Guest House and Villas

Need a place to stay during your visit to Bali? Kembali Lagi Guest House & Villas offer a luxurious stay for a competitive price. We’ve also enhanced our hygiene protocols to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests during these post-pandemic times. 

Feel free to send us any questions, concerns or inquiries you may have about our villas and guest houses at Kembali Lagi. We look forward to greeting you!