Activities in Bali

Fun and Free Things to do in Bali

Spoiling yourself once in a while is fine, after all, who doesn’t like keeping the budget low while enjoying the beautiful island of Bali?

A vacation in Bali can be a bit expensive at times, and you don’t want to spend all your savings for just a few days away. To have the best time in this tropical paradise, you don’t need to spend a lot. Bali is relatively affordable, and you can enjoy some fantastic things for free!

Here we have compiled a list of fun and free things to do in Bali, without needing to spend a dollar.




beach in bali


Famed for its beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets, enjoying Bali’s beautiful beaches doesn’t require much. Basically, they’re free! Take leisurely walks or simply bring along a sarong so you can lie down on the sands comfortably.

Some beaches, such as Sanur Beach, also has a paved pathway allowing you to take walks or even cycle at any time of the day. On the other hand, Kuta Beach has easy access to big malls such as Beachwalk and Discovery Shopping Mall. These malls are great after you take a long walk along Kuta Beach.


Walk the Campuhan Ridge


bukit campuhan bali


Located in the highlands of Ubud, Campuhan Ridge walk is a popular tourist destination and also free!  The trek is pretty easy with gorgeous hillside views. To avoid the heat of the scorching sun, the best time to enjoy this walk is early morning.






Coffee lovers should definitely go to one of the Luwak coffee plantations scattered around Ubud. If you have never heard of Luwak coffee, it’s actually the most expensive coffee in the world. Surrounded by views of the jungle, the coffee plantations offer you the chance to see the production process of Luwak coffee. You’ll get to see a real Luwak (the animal that produces the beans) and also get to try various free cups of coffee and tea.

Who says a Bali vacation needs to cost a fortune? You can still delight in a true Balinese experience and enjoy its stunning views for free!

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