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Reasons why you should stay at a bed and breakfast in Sanur

When you travel, your choice of accommodation becomes an integral part of your getaway experience. It’s where you’ll be spending your downtime resting when you’re not out exploring Bali. So, how can you enhance your traveling experience? Well one way is to treat yourself to a bed and breakfast in Sanur, Bali. 

Check out these compelling reasons why you should stay at a bed and breakfast for your accommodation.




Tailored hospitality

Hospitality is something we often glaze over and expect every accommodation to have by default; we are the guests after all. While that is true, the quality of hospitality that you’ll experience as a guest will vary from the type of accommodation

If you haven’t stayed at a bed and breakfast, then you’re in for a treat.  A bed and breakfast is managed by a dedicated staff whose mission is to ensure the comfort of its guests. And due to the smaller accommodation size, compared to something like a hotel or resort, you’ll have the staff’s undivided attention and service. 

Also, hospitality at a bed and breakfast extends well beyond warm smiles and friendly greetings. Little details such as the ambient lighting in your room, symmetrical bed sheets, the fragrance in your bedroom, personal laundry, and other small details that you may not even think of. If you have personal requests or need tips on local interests or restaurants in Sanur, the staff is on deck to accommodate your needs. 


Authentic experience in Sanur

Would you rather take the elevator up to your room, or walk through a tropical Balinese garden to your private room? While you’re at it, soak in the local ambiance and the sweet fragrant breeze from the Balinese incenses in the air. 

You’ve stayed at a dozen hotels before. And sure their bells and whistles are nice, but they can never replace the genuine Balinese ambiance or the insights you can get from interacting with the locals when you stay in a bed and breakfast in Sanur.

As we prefaced above, your accommodation plays a central role in your traveling experience. You’ve stepped foot in Bali, the island of the Gods, why not take the extra step in completing your experience by staying at a local bed and breakfast. You’ll wish you’d have considered the decision sooner!

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Stay with Kembali Lagi 

We’d love to welcome you to Kembali Lagi, where your comfort and accommodation experience is our priority. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, luxury and unrivaled Balinese hospitality during your stay with us. 

We understand that these are sensitive times with the pandemic situation around the world. We are here to make sure you feel safe and secure. We have implemented strict hygiene and safety protocols across our staff and properties to ensure the safety of our guests. 

Contact us, and feel free to drop us any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have about our villas and guest houses. We look forward to greeting you at Kembali Lagi. Book directly today!