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Where are the Best Sunrise Spots in Bali?

Bali is celebrated for many incredible things from its beautiful beaches, mouth-watering local cuisines, to lush greenery paddy fields. Not to forget, it is also known for breathtaking sunsets – but guess what, the sunrises in Bali are as unbelievable as well!

Make sure to at least roll out of your bed early once, to catch the jaw-dropping sunrise views in Bali during your trip. If you are wondering where to go, here is a list to guide you for the best sunrise spots in Bali.


Mount Batur


sunrise mount batur


For those looking for a bit of adventure to hunt for one of the best sunrises in Bali, we recommend that you witness the sunrise right from the top of Mount Batur. Although you will need to wake up pretty early and climb in pitch darkness, the momentous sunrise view will definitely be worth it! In addition, you will also get to indulge in a phenomenal panoramic view of Batur Lake’s crystal clear water, accompanied by fluffy clouds, and a sight of Mount Abang.


Tegalalang Rice Terrace




One of the most stunning sunrise spots in Bali, that will provide you with countless photo opportunities, is definitely Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Be here before 7am and you will have this picturesque terrace all to yourself. With fewer people in the frame and the perfect golden light shining through the palm trees, this will make for an unforgettable experience.


Sanur Beach


sanur beach bali


If you want to catch the sunrise just minutes away from where you sleep, then Sanur beach is the perfect option to spend your early morning hours. Stay in Sanur and go as early as you can to find a secluded spot in advance. Enjoy the quietness as you see the sun rise over the water with traditional Balinese boats lining up on the shores. You might also see a slight view of Mount Agung overlooking Nusa Lembongan.

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