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Unlock your creativity at Sanur Jewellery Studio

There are a lot of activities to do in Sanur. One activity that really stands out is at the award-winning workshop – Sanur Jewellery Studio.
Here you can spend a half- day or a whole day creating an amazing and unique piece of jewellery. This studio is a safe space with ground level access, where you can while-away the day getting creative. It’s an air-conditioned and bright, traditional, high ceiling Joglo in the middle of a banana plantation. You can choose from several different programs.


sanur jewellery studio

Pic Source: Sanur Jewellery Studio


What makes it worth the day out at the studio? Beauty is all around us, but we know that hard work needs a bit of cool temperature too, so we have that covered. We also serve ice-cold lemongrass tea that is super yummy. Also, it’s a teaching studio with a focus on ‘teaching’ not ‘demonstrating’. The studio is suitable for all ages, which provides a great cultural and group experience. All this combined makes Sanur Jewellery Studio the best in Bali!

One of our more popular workshops is the ‘Half Day Workshop’. From Monday to Saturday we do two workshops a day. This workshop is a taster into the world of silversmithing. It will satisfy your curiosity about this traditional and wonderful experience.

Silversmithing is the art of shaping and manipulating silver into useful objects such as drinking and eating utensils, jewellery, armour, vases and artistic items. Goldsmithing and silversmithing were synonymous to one another in ancient times. It was not until silver became more prominent and acceptable in society that the occupations were separated.

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