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3 Best Activities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali

A new year is coming and we’re leaving our current one behind. Like everywhere else, New Year’s Eve holds some of the biggest celebrations, and Bali is no exception. Both the locals and tourists are always excited to welcome the New Year. The Balinese usually prepare everything you need to have a good time celebrating the new year including music, fireworks and barbecue gatherings with family and friends.

Party in Kuta

New Year's Eve Party in KutaIf it’s the wildest music with never-ending booze you’re looking for to welcome in the New Year, simply head to the famous party capital of Kuta. The whole stretch from Kuta and Legian to Seminyak will light up into the biggest party ground on the island. You can always join any of the spots that catch your attention while you’re strolling along the beachside, stay there and have fun until the sun rises, welcoming in the new year.

Evening in Ubud

Balinese DanceIt’s not all about parties and beaches in Bali. For a more traditional atmosphere, we recommend you go to Ubud, the art and culture center of the island. You’ll find some restaurants and bars sounding their cultured events along with traditional dances and music shows.  Ubud is the place to enjoy a quieter and more romantic scene and family dinner.

Welcome the New Year in Sanur

Sunrise in SanurThe beach town of Sanur is a relaxing corner filled with cultural performances. With traditional dances and gamelan music played all night to welcome the New Year. Sanur welcomes New Year with its iconic sunrise. The restaurants and bars along the coastline usually have events and shows to keep you entertained all night, waiting for the first sunrise of the new year.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and let’s welcome the New Year in Bali! Book a reservation at Kembali Lagi Guest House and enjoy a relaxed New year in Sanur or, if you want to welcome New Year with a party blast, Sanur is only half an hour’s drive from Kuta.