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Experience the Seawalker in Sanur

Trying out the available water sports in Bali is definitely part of the holiday adventure! There are many kinds of water sport activities available in Bali; such as white-water rafting, snorkelling, kite surfing and the Seawalker Tour in Sanur.

Seawalker also known as the underwater ocean Walker is a marine walk diving activity in Sanur. Just a short boat ride away from the shore. The activity consists of using a helmet and going into a ladder down to the seabed where members get to explore. It’s an ideal activity for those who have never done scuba diving and wish to experience the marine life in Bali. 

Sanur is one of the locations of the Seawalker, there is another location in Tanjung Benoa. 


Seawalk with fishes


Ready to Sea-Walk!

The first step is to change into your swimsuit, the staff will soon escort you by boat to the dive location. The crew will fit you with a helmet to keep the water from entering, allowing you to breathe normally. The helmet will feel heavy at first, but don’t worry – it should feel lightweight in water. Participants will then be escorted by professional scuba divers to the seafloor by going down a 6-meter ladder.

Finally, the fun part arrives! You can walk on the seafloor monitored by professional scuba divers. Make sure you don’t bend down while entering the ocean as it will cause water to come into your helmet. You’ll need a bit of getting used to walking around the seafloor. But once you do, you will enjoy every second of it, especially if you’ve never been underwater before.  Get close to the colorful fishes and beautiful corals.   

If you have always wanted to go underwater but have been nervous to try scuba diving, then you cannot miss the Seawalker experience, especially if you’re staying in the Sanur area. 

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